About Me

Welcome to Firebeard Reviews and thank you for being a part of my journey. My name is John O’Connor and I’m from Manchester. I am 33 years old and a family man with 5 kids. I have a keen interest in sports especially football and UFC. I am a life long supporter of Manchester United for my sins!

I have other interests including astronomy, cooking, camping, hiking, mountain climbing, acting and going to the cinema. But what you really want to know is how my beard journey began…..

I’ll start from the beginning, or thereabouts! So, my beard journey began, like many others, in 2020 during the first Covid 19 pandemic lockdown. And just like many others, I binge watched TV shows on Netflix!

One show really made a significant impression on my life, personality, religion and lifestyle. The show was The Last Kingdom. Because of this show I grew my hair long to braid it like a Viking. I took on the beliefs and faith of Norse Paganism and grew out my beard like a viking too.

From here my beard journey truly began, joining the Aetts and ambassador programme of a beard care company called The Beard Struggle.

I met some good people through this company but in December 2020 I found that it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Through research I conducted, I decided I wanted to leave the ambassador programme and stop using their beard products. That’s when I discovered a larger, friendlier part of the bearded community and more UK based beard companies.

This began my obsession with beard products, amazing scents and fantastic carrier oils.

I joined many beard clubs during this time and spoke to lots of people, meeting lads doing beard product reviews. 

In the summer of 2021 I created Firebeard reviews having done my research into carrier oils, essential and fragrance oils, CPSR and more.

I was brought on board the UK Beard Portal as a reviewer to give my unique opinion on beard products.  The Portal is a website and community dedicated to UK beard care brands who are CPSR compliant.

It gives you a one stop shop, helping consumers find the best UK beard care brands and reviewers. I was over the moon to be invited and I felt like I had made it as a reviewer. 

Sadly, my enthusiasm for the beard world lost it’s fire. There are a lot of reasons but mainly due to major changes happening in my life at the time. It felt like my flame had been extinguished.

Fast forward to spring 2022 and I have a very different life with a new found passion for the bearded world. The flame has been relighted!!

I am a member of the Bearded Rebellion Beard Club and will soon be patched. I regularly test and trial new and upcoming products from different companies to see if they are worthy of being released to the market. 

I love this world and the people in it. It’s become my life and I would love for you to join me as I take you on the journey into the bearded community.

Stay safe, stay fire, stay bearded!

John Firebeard