Delta Team 3 Airsoft Site

Delta Team 3 Airsoft Site Intro Airsoft, you’ve heard about it but have you actually experienced it? Here’s my thoughts on the Delta Team 3 Airsoft Site and why I like it! Welcome back to another Firebeard review but this time it is an entirely different review. I’m straying away from the beard products and […]

Dennis the Menace

Introduction. Hello guys and welcome back to another review, this time we are catching a wild hare and prepping it for tea as we put into the heat of the kitchen grill and season for perfection, but first let me take a selfie. Before we dive into the review I just wanted to give you […]

Kreed Authorative

Introduction Happy new year everyone, hope you all had a great time over the festive period enjoying the holidays with your loved ones. This is my first review of 2023 and to be honest with you, I am finding it hard to find the motivation at the moment because of so much happening in my […]

Thirty1 Oils

Introduction. Welcome back to another firebeard review, before we jump into the good stuff, I would just like to say sorry for the lack of posting and content coming out lately. My family and I have been hit with illness on top of illness, and I have had to take time off work to look […]

Lakeland Summer Night

Introduction. How is it hanging my fellow beardos I hope you are all doing great coming up to christmas time, I hope you are all getting things done being productive and staying positive. I have a lot of reviews incoming in the next two months for very different companies, here is a list of what […]

Grumpy Bitch surprisingly delightful Morose

Introduction Welcome back to another review, it has been months since my last one, if you didn’t catch it, please click here. Recently I released a blog about beard clubs and that caught massive attention and a lot of people got to talking, at the time it was released I was a part of a […]

Urca De Lima

Introduction. Welcome back guys to another review, you are probably wondering about the title of this one, but we will get into that shortly after I quickly update you on what has been going on. This week, I have announced a brand-new graphic design for the firebeard reviews logo. It is literally a dream design […]


Introduction Welcome back my fellow flames of the bearded world and hello to you all, hope you are okay, keeping safe, keeping fire, keeping bearded and also this time keeping beard manners. This time we dive into the succulent and sweet pool of Beard Manners Summer Daze beard butter with lemongrass, lime, honey and black […]

The Lust for Asmodeus

Introduction Hello to my bearded flames and welcome back to the site, I hope you enjoyed my last review on this brand-new site, if you didn’t catch my last review I urge you to go check it out and leave a comment here. The past couple of weeks I have been coming up with new […]


INTRODUCTION First of all I would love to welcome you all to my brand-new website, I have been itching for nearly a year now to do this and the opportunity has only risen recently thanks to my new girlfriend Jade. This is for many reasons, but the most important one would be reigniting the fire, […]