Welcome back to another firebeard review but this time it is an entirely different review straying away from the beard product reviews I am doing my first ever Airsoft review which I am massively excited for!

Before I dive in to everything I normally provide an update on what’s happening but in all honesty there is nothing much to report. If you didn’t catch my last review, please go check it out.


For those of you wondering what the fuck it is, i’ll explain.

Airsoft is an indoor and outdoor BB gun sport with various game modes that give you anything from free for all based games to team work games. Guns are powered by batteries, gas or air, normally called AEG or HPA respectively. You can use anything from pistols to sniper rifles, from BB grenades, BB claymores and even smoke grenades and flash bangs.

There is a lot more detail to it and in all honesty I have only been doing airsoft since September 2022 ( 5 months ) and I am learning things all the time, so if something doesn’t sound right please forgive me. Please bare in mind that this is the only airsoft site I have been to so I have nothing to compare it to but with having been to Delta Team 3 5 or 6 times now I do feel as if this gives me a valid opinion about the site.

Delta Team 3

The site is run by Alan, a really top fella who goes beyond and above for everyone he meets, trying to help out and accommodate anyone who needs it. Any gear, patches, equipment and/or clothing that is bought on site is immediately put into an Ukraine fund which is used to give to those who need it over there and this is something Alan is highly dedicated to so please a round of applause to him for helping to fight for what is right any way he can. It has been a privilege to purchase things on site, knowing where the money is going and what difference it will make to those who need it.

The Site

Delta Team 3 is a medium sized outdoor woodland and hut based site with 7 different map areas that provide 7 different games, but this doesn’t include special event games, which i’ll dive into further on. In the winter the site still provides good natural and improvised cover in the form of trees, hedges, bushes, long grass, wooden pallets, metal sheets, wooden and metal huts and bases. In the summer when nature is it at its peak, camouflage like ghillie suits would be most advantageous as it is basically a wild site that provides excellent hiding spots for those snipers and support gunners. There is 1 main safe zone which is at the entrance to the site and 2 more sub safe zones at key areas of the site which are made of solid wood, netting, tarpoling and are brightly coloured.

Site Rules

This site has a 100% safety record, and you can really tell when the cease fire command is yelled 3 times by multiple marshals and players for a dog walker going past on a farmers’ field next to the site. Or even last Sunday (29th of January) when my best mate had to fix his eye protection and the marshal got everyone to form a human meat shield around him in case of a misfire from a gun. The safety of the players is paramount.

Here are the site rules :

  • No dry firing in the safe zone
  • no magazines loaded into the gun in the safe zones
  • empty your mag and fire your gun a few times to ensure there is no leftover bullets in the chamber
  • No HPA on site
  • No binary triggers
  • grenades and claymores have a 15ft kill radius
  • The bang rule – when you are in very close proximity to an enemy player, saying bang with your gun raised to them count as a kill instead of firing in a face to face position.
  • eye protection must be worn at all times when outside the safe zone
  • no hostile or aggressive verbal or physical behaviour
  • richotets count
  • gun hits don’t count
  • take your hits ( which is a given anywhere, but it ruins your mood slightly when you have peppered someone, and they don’t raise their hand and shout hit )
  • Cease fire for emergencies and accidents


Even though the site is a medium sized outdoor site the games are fast paced, intense and allow an endless attack and defend game types, which mostly include 360 degree defence angles making sure your eyes are peeled, comms are on point and your finger is always on the trigger, and you fight to the last man and sometimes the last claymore haha *cough James cough*

You are usually split into two teams, red team and blue team, and both teams get a chance at attacking and defending.

Here is a breakdown of the game modes and map areas :

  1. The Fort : This is a circular defensive position with the perimeter made up of oil drum barrels, tall grass and bushes. Inside the perimeter are wooden and metal shacks, elevated defensive positions and a high tower. This is a fast paced, high intense game mode that is designed to get you stuck straight away to kick off the day. The attacking team play until the last man on the defensive team is taken down.
  2. Advance to Contact : This is a front on based game mode where the attacking team has unlimited respawns and comes at you from the centre, the left and right flank depending on your defensive positions and where you are camped. On the defensive side you have tall grass, trees, bushes and improvised cover to hide behind and take your last stand.
  3. Convoy : This is by far my favourite game mode of the day the defensive team has had their vehicular convoy ambushed, and you get two lives, one to defend the convoy and another to fall back into a base behind you and defend it. Once you are taken out in the base you stand out of bounds, the attacking team delivers an endless onslaught of vicious forward runs, smoke grenades and endless bullets from LMG’s.
  4. CQB : This is a brand-new section of the site which provides rapid gun fights and rapid respawns with wooden huts, long grass and shrubbery but the best thing to do is fire and move
  5. Tears of the sun : This is an uphill attacking and defending skirmish and in the winter when the sun is low holy fucking shit the sun shines in your eyes and definitely brings true meaning to tears of the sun hahaha
  6. Old Village : A sort of rectangular defensive position similar to the fish bowl set up where both teams attack and defend until the last man standing, but I do prefer this village set up to the fish bowl one it provides longer gun fights and better stealth flaking opportunities and longer lines of sights through the tree line at the edge of the village.
  7. New Village : This is wooden defensive positions at a top of a slight hill, with the attacking team having improvised cover to move forward. The idea of this game for the attacking team is to be fast and aggressive, once a defending player is hit he dies and joins the attacking team, this is called the escalation rule.

You do get special event games where teams have to collect certain valuable items around the map and defend said items, whilst also watching out for special juggernaut players around the map who’s only allegiances are to themselves.


The marshals are amazing and give proper instruction and advice, they’re also really helpful with tactics to newcomers. I remember personally when I slipped making a run for cover and my gun dropped barrel first and was jammed with dirt I had to ask for assistance from a marshal.

One marshal for me in particular called Chris is a hype machine psyching players up to get stuck in, communicate, fire and move. He was amazing on my birthday giving my mates who were newbies to the airsoft scene every bit of advice, encouragement and laughter he could throw at them in my expense haha


If you are looking for 5 star toilets I would’nt count on it the facilities here are bare minimum with one gents toilet and a ladies toilet next to each other in a retrofitted container. There is no on site store to purchase food from also but there is a petrol station just a 5 minute drive up the road. My advice to you would be to shit before you come, piss in the hedge and bring your own food. But saying that sometimes hot food is put on in the form chilli, curry, bacon butties, soup and so on, provided by certain regular experienced players set up in the car park. With refreshments including coffee, lemonade, sweets, biscuits and crisps provided too located in safe zone 1.


This is a beast of a site with a great atmosphere provided by great experienced airsofters who are at the heart of the site, very welcoming and easy to talk to. I have been going to delta for 5 months now and it is never a dull day, it is never negative or boring and I am always buzzing with adrenaline. I hope Delta have mind blowing future plans to expand the site creating more areas, more game modes and more fun. I will always go back to Delta Team 3 and my friends who came for the first time last weekend absolutely loved it too and can not wait to go back on the 12th of February for the valentines day masacre event.

This site gets a score of 8.5 out of 10 the reason for this is due to the facilities though and it is not based on the actual airsofting experience.

Cheers for reading the review check out this link here if you want to join the delta team 3 community.

Stay Loyal, Stay Safe, Stay Fire!

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  1. Hey John spot on I thank you for your personal mention I definitely feel the love and really happy that you did and do enjoy when I Marshall lol. If you’re with your pals when you read this we’ll they know the drill happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday!!! Hahaha RUN……

    1. hahaha cheers mate i appreciate the time reading the review and the comment it really helps me out. One of the lads from last sunday thinks my review did the site some good and helped bring the numbers up.

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