Hello guys and welcome back to another review, this time we are catching a wild hare and prepping it for tea as we put into the heat of the kitchen grill and season for perfection, but first let me take a selfie.

Before we dive into the review I just wanted to give you guys an update about what has been going on, as I mentioned in the previous review I have not been having the best of luck so far in 2023, and I am hoping it’s all the bad luck of 2023 rolled in to 1. I have been gaming a lot with family, friends and loved ones, mainly on Fortnite and Call of Duty. It is my favourite pass time and if anyone wants to add me, please give me a message on Instagram. If you didn’t catch my previous review, please read it here.

My next review will be the Bald Viking beard company in the Yggdrasil scent, which I can not wait for, looking forward to that unique feeling of Callum’s thick oil pasting its way through the beard hair ( there is a sexual innuendo in there somewhere ).

Who Are WildHare UK

Unless you are brand new to the bearded community or live under a rock you should know who they are, they have a massive presence in the bearded community doing a lot of charity work including as far as I can remember a Valentine’s Day collaboration and raising money for the war effort in Ukraine. He also hosts a secret Santa, which was very successful last year despite the Royal Mail strikes. Here is a little about us info grabbed from their website:

The Michelin-starred chef has added cucumber, grapefruit, and cardamom to a base of grapeseed and jojoba oils, camellia tea, rosehip, and castor oil, and created the perfect balm – to rub into a luxuriant beard. After lockdown brought with it an enforced period away from the kitchen, Fareham-based Ollie decided to turn his hobby of reviewing male grooming products into a business of his own, and Wild Hare UK was born.

He used his talents in the kitchen to create a new range of nourishing balms, oils and pastes to help men keep their beards – and the skin underneath – healthy and soft.

Each of the seven fragrances is its own Wild Hare, with a quirky portrait and name to accompany it; perfect for collectors who want to have the whole husk of hares sitting on their shelves.


Now I must be honest back in 2021 I learnt about Wildhare UK and their marketing gimmick, the gimmick is basically this, each scent is named and designed after a famous serial killer or horrific UK historical person. At the time I was apart from a club and followed suit of the ” brothers ” I was with who objected to this company being supported by the club itself by not reposting its posts and buying their products. I also thought that as a father, I couldn’t support a company that in my eyes at the time boasted about psychos that had killed people and even kids.

What changed my mind? It took me a while, but I finally matured up to the notion that business is business and each company needs to look after itself and have a unique selling point.

“It’s a dog eat dog world out there”

When this quote settled in my head after a good discussion with a friend, it hit me that I needed to broaden my horizons and stick to the non-biased rule that us reviewers should adhere to, so here I am. Wildhare UK I can tell you now are in my top 5 companies in the UK the marketing is awesome and most of the scents are so individual that I have not seen the mixed fragrance or essential oils anywhere else. The logo design stands out and can be played around with easily to suit different holidays throughout the year, and the marketing gimmick designs change perfectly for each scent. I really wish I had followed my own mind reached out and tried the product before making a decision and being a sheep (which by the way I fucking hate being a sheep).

The Organs

Time to dissect the rabbit and see what the carrier base is in this creature:

  • Camellia tea oil – this oil contains anti oxidants that soothe the skin and reduce inflammation, it can even help calm and reduce acne. It is a non-comedogenic oil, which means it does not clog pores like some other oils do.
  • Grapeseed oil – This oil contains vitamin E which helps revitalize your beard, repairs damaged hair follicles, restrain more damage and replenishing the hair’s shine.
  • Castor oil – This can be used to detangle hair, adds shine, softens your beard hair and improves overall beard texture. It can also prevent premature greying.
  • Rose hip oil – rose hip oil is a low key power house oil that is rarely used but should widely be used, it can help tame beard hair, helps fade acne marks away and is good for blood circulation.
  • Jojoba oil – which is actually a wax ester, this is widely used in the beard care industry as long as it is the organic cold pressed version which is the colour of pure gold. It is the king of conditioning your beard and skin, preventing itchiness, beardruff and inflammation.

The beard feel longevity lasted a good 8 to 10 hours awesome for a long day at work, and it did fight against the dirt, dust, mould and sweat of my work place. There was no itchiness at all or beardruff, my beard felt like a silky fiery coloured waterfall or firefall which sounds awesome when you think about it hahaha! It was pure orgasmic beard touching for hours on end during the day.

Rabbit Fur

Pick that creature up and stick your snoz to the fur and give it a good whiff, what do you smell ? I will fucking tell you, you smell, Dennis! Don’t lie, yes you do, and I’ll tell you why I know you do.

Dennis’ scent consists of the following fragrance and essential oils:

  • May Chang – this Chinese fruit sits at the top of the scent very strongly, giving you a sweet and fruity smell that bursts through your nostrils
  • Coffee – The morning scent of grounded coffee beans sits elegantly behind the May Chang, giving you that costa or star bucks scent mildly mixing with the May Chang.
  • Cocoa – melting slowly up your nostrils it swirls around the stirred coffee sitting behind the May Chang, you can really smell how well the cocoa and coffee have combined and peek out lightly from the May Chang.
  • Clary Sage – unfortunately I could not identify this scent within the scent profile but in my imagination this would give a slight herbal scent to the mix that would fit really well after the May Chang, coffee and cocoa had dissipated.

This was my first against the grain scent I have reviewed, I normally review scents I know I will love but this one …….. was a wild card ….. get it ? wildhare ? wild card ? HA! I am so glad I gave this scent my time and effort and really paid attention to the review process. Ollie gave me a free bottle of Dennis, which is the bottle I used to review, but I met a friend of my partner’s back from college the other week. He was stuck at the itchy phase of growing a beard, so I brought down spare products, and Dennis was one of them. When he smelt Dennis his face lit up and eyes widened with a pleasant shock, safe to say the guy will be paying Wildhare a visit and joining us fellow Beardos in our bearded journeys.

Dennis’s menacing behaviour lasted for 4 to 6 hours depending on what I did throughout my dad, including holding its own in the ice, snow, wind, freezing temperatures, dirty and dusty warehouse and cycling to and from work.


Wildhare UK has hopped their way to my top 5 companies in the UK beard care market, with great label designs that hold up to CPSR standards to the letter, amazing products that are all CPSR approved and unique mind altering scents. Wildhare have a range of products from beard paste to pomade to merchandise like hoodies and pin badges.

£13.99 for a 30ml bottle of this oil is a decent and fair price considering the out-of-the-box thinking carrier oil blend and the individual scent profiles. In all honesty, as well out of the freebies Ollie sent me, Dennis wasn’t even my favourite. My go to after the review process for Dennis was the Joanna scent, Joanna has jumped in to my top 5 scents of all time and highly recommend Dennis, Joanna and Wildhare altogether. Hop over to the website and grab all you need from their website and start your bearded journey the right way and the best way with Wildhare UK.

Thanks for reading this review, I always appreciate and love the support you guys give me

Stay Safe, Stay Bearded and Stay Fire!

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