First of all I would love to welcome you all to my brand-new website, I have been itching for nearly a year now to do this and the opportunity has only risen recently thanks to my new girlfriend Jade. This is for many reasons, but the most important one would be reigniting the fire, my enthusiasm for the bearded world, community and industry. I have been back with a bang with reviews being done left, right and centre. Now you can all enjoy this website with my history of my bearded journey, reviews, blogs and discount codes, not to mention a page where you can be linked to the UK Beard Portal. All of this and much more is thanks to Tony from Done 4 U Online who has done an incredible and outstanding job on capturing my image for the new website and I can not thank him enough for his time, effort and patience which is massively appreciated.


For the past 15 days I have been in a gruelling duel with the brand king of beards a brand-new beard care company on the market looking to take the throne but to take the throne blood must be spilled, and their first battle is with me, and I am someone who thinks we should still be fighting with swords ( or lightsabers ). Arthur is known to wield Excalibur the sword in the stone and gives you sovereignty of Britain but I Johnfirebeard first of his name and the rightful king of the Andals here by take Arthur into custody where I shall begin a thorough interrogation to see if King of Beards Arthur scent deserves the throne. Here we go ….


King of Beards is a 2022 established company owned by Sol, Sol and I have been talking continuously since his arrival on the market and have got to know each other massively. He is an outdoor adventurer, often taking to the wild to camp, clear his head and take in the peace.

After using various high street products and feeling underwhelmed by greasy, sticky, non fragrant products and not finding ” the product ” I needed I began experimenting. Having a dark hair colour I was looking for a non shiny, easily absorbing oil that was good for my beard, so that’s what I created. One of my aims of my business is to be as sustainable as possible. I try to keep plastic to a minimum, so no plastic lids or droppers or excess packaging, I even reuse bubble wrap from my suppliers to avoid plastic waste. Another really important aim for me is to give to charity, my hope is to give 10% of any profit to charity.

The above is what Sol has been quoted to say to myself and in his UK Beard Portal brand profile it clearly states why he is here and how he got here and what he intends to accomplish whilst here too.

Now let’s fight ….


During our battle I noticed the scent of patchouli and bergamot ducking beneath his hacks and slashes towards me, the thin cloud of magic followed me. It is a strong and rich scent but so simple and sometimes simple is better there is no reason to complicate things and this works beautifully. The Bergamot is so sweet within the scent you feel as if the juices of the fruit itself are running through your beard and into your nasal passage, all of this whilst you walk through a field of patchouli that gets twisted around the bergamot. The first thing you notice about the King of Beards oil is how super absorbent it is, I would gladly put the throne of this kingdom on his oil, being the fastest absorbing oil in the UK market.

The carrier oil blend exists of the following :

  • Coconut oil – Stimulates new hair growth with its lauric acid properties and directly sinks into the skin and hair follicles. This is because of its low weight and molecular structure, its ability to help with protein loss helps prevent hair loss. Fights beardruff and inflammation moisturizes the beard making it softer.
  • Grapeseed oil – provides moisture and is a natural cleanser agent and helps remove excess sebaceous oils that clog pores and slow the rate of beard growth. It also stimulates blood circulation and conditions the beard.
  • Jojoba oil – This is actually a liquid of wax esters, meaning it is not actually an oil but a wax. It contains vitamin E and B complex, helps Sebum against oil a natural oil in our skin which help prevent your skin from being too oily unclogging pores allowing return of moisture.
  • Vitamin E oil – moisturizes skin, has wound healing properties and fights against irritation and inflammation.

The first 4 days of battle with Arthur I noticed my beard was soft, smooth, conditioned and hydrated feeling as smooth as running your finger down the freshly forged steel of Excalibur itself but come the 5th and 6th day Arthur began to show signs of slowing down, and I thought his defeat was in sight. There were a few strands of dryness here and there but after these two days Arthur got reenergised and returned to the battle in full legendary status, kicking the firebeards arse. His scent endurance lasts for about 4 hours until I no longer noticed the scent with my own nose but my lady Mrs Firebeard joined the fight momentarily giving her swift strikes to the battle saying the scent was still there when she got up close after the 4-hour mark.

The power of Arthur held up against the environment of battle, dirt, sweat and blood ( warehouse dust, exercise and yeah sometimes cutting myself at work) heat from the day also did not phase this oil. Come to the 10th day of the fight and there were special weather factors that added to this duel. The heavens opened up and rain fell faster than the blows of each other’s swords ( cycling to work in that was not fun ). Come late afternoon the weather was humid and the sun glaring down, this really dried up the beard badly and on top of that was exercise, work place environment. You could agree that a thicker oil with more carrier oils could hold up against this, but then you probably wouldn’t have the fastest absorbing beard oil on the market from king of beards. Besides, unless you are the invasive species guy standing in fields and roadsides looking at invasive species of plants/weeds in the pissing rain like a dumbass, I am going to say most of us won’t be in the rain all day. Talking of Docks Bearded Reviews, hit up his profile on Instagram go to his website and turn on post notifications and subscribe to his site because Docks will be doing battle with the King of Beards soon and this will be a fight for the ages.


The appearance of Arthur is a deep blue see through glass bottle with a silver metal (probably aluminium) cap, the label is white with black writing and talking of labels they are fully CPSR compliant, although mine had everything except the batch code which is CPSR required but after talking with Docks his bottles have both got batch codes. I then asked Sol himself, and he put it down as pure human error a beginners mistake which I doubt he will make again now I have mentioned it here in the review haha remember guys reviews are honest and unbiased opinions from my experience with the product, brand and owner, there is never any belittling going on only productive and constructive friendly critiscm to help the brand grow better which helps the UK beard market grow stronger. King of beards have also been inducted into the UK Beard Portal as well, showing that the brand is trustworthy and CPSR compliant, as all companies need to prove their CPSR documents to us before joining. Their applicator is non-existent, and you have to pour it into your hand, and I am going to be honest with you all I find it annoying as fuck, the imprecise measurement you get when you pour it, it either over servers or under serves which can be a pain in the arse. It also means the oil drools down the side of the bottle marking the label and also marking my shelves which means I have to wipe them down daily. I think introducing a pipette would be beneficial to the product and the consumer.


In conclusion then as I deliver the last blow of this epic duel, I am thoroughly impressed by this start up oil the formula does exactly what Sol set out to do, fast absorbing into the beard and does not shine on the beard hair. It has a strong scent that lasts around 4 hours with scent longevity and has a 6-7 hour mark of beard conditioning, making the beard soft, smooth and hydrated, which is more than enough for your day at work. Even though it has no applicator which is explained in his intro speech why he does not provide one, it is still a great product, besides the few strands of dryness here and there/ now and again. I think this could be changed by adding one more carrier oil into his formula which I have already suggested to Sol which is apricot kernel oil. My reasoning for this is because recently I used a brand which has this in their formula and I thoroughly believe it is the reason it made my beard so soft and smooth. You are getting a pure quality CPSR compliant UK brand that is vegan friendly and easily affordable with an upcoming product in the form of beard butter. I have tested this for Sol and oh my days it is a creamy, smooth poured butter with a beautiful scent of bubblegum and even though there is no beeswax in the butter it gave my beard a mild hold that I could actually notice.

Check out the KING OF BEARDS store to take advantage of his £5 flash sale here

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Stay Safe, Stay Fire, Stay Bearded

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