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Recently I released a blog about beard clubs and that caught massive attention and a lot of people got to talking, at the time it was released I was a part of a brotherhood and a beard club. But after the review creating negative attention for them both, they decided to cut me loose to save their reputation, there are so many points I could bring up about that but what is done is done, and it is time to move on. If however you’re thinking “shit I missed the lama (drama)” you can find the blog here. My next blog will be coming soon, and it is a personal one about being a stepdad the positives, the negatives, the difficulties and the joys. So subscribe to the site and make sure you do not miss out on notifications for when the post goes live.


Hobohead have been around for a while now and in my opinion Brian does not get the attention he deserves, he has put every bit of blood, sweat and tears into his company, and it shows within the products and the merch. I mean his latest T-shirt design is sick within itself and his new label designs are looking slick to0, the only thing I could criticize him on is lack of social media presence. However, everyone is different not all people can spend most of their time on social media promoting, you have people who take hiatus from social media for their own mental health. Some owners even prefer going to fairs and markets to sell their products in person, which is awesome when you think about it, it takes the bearded community to the community, genius!

The Site

Hoboheads’ site is literally so simple to navigate and is popping colour left, right and centre but in a subtle way thanks to their design of the labels regarding each scent has its own colour. With messages greeting you and saying they stand with Ukraine, wishing everyone a happy hoboween and giving you the heads-up on their latest and best deals right on the home page, you scroll down, and you have a delightful slideshow of the company name and logo and products. With a simple drop down menu that gives you every option you need for the site, including :

  • home page
  • store
  • Happy Hobos
  • contact us
  • about us
  • shipping policy
  • returns and refunds

The Bottle

The bottle is your standard brown glass see through 30ml bottle with a black pipette top that has a child safety mechanism to it, it is rare you see these so when I do see these it really makes my day, 5 kids around the house under the of 8 they tend to grab what isn’t theirs and mess with it. The glass part of the pipette at the end is a spout and not a bauble, thank fuck for that, I hate the bauble ones.

This time round Brian and Hobohead now have a brand-new label with a cool artistic dripping design to it and all the information required by CPSR for labels is met all the way down to batch number and company address. Absolutely brilliant and fantastic work by Brian by adding clear information on the scent profile too.

The Oil

Now we get to the god damn good stuff, the oil, the product, the drug we all love rubbing into our beards hahaha. This very pale yellow oil is a medium viscosity, it works well through my beard leaving no residue and absorbs quickly. This magical oil gave my beard a good 8 hours maybe an hour more of great conditioning, softness and smoothness just like all the rest of his other products always have done. Which is astounding to me because this time we have a brand-new carrier oil formula, which I’ll break down for you right now:

  1. Sweet Almond Oil
  2. Camelia Oil
  3. Jojoba Oil
  4. Macadamia Oil
  5. Argan Oil
  6. Castor Oil
  7. Hempseed Oil

Very different formula from the last time I reviewed hobohead, the macadamia, hempseed and camelia oils are different off the top of my head and there is no more apricot kernel oil. This is very surprising to me because as you guys know it is one of my favourite oils, it has always been the reason for my beard being so soft and smooth. The new formula to me is using simple and safe oils mixed with unusual oils that we do not often see in UK beard market, and it is pushing the normality of the carrier oil plateaux maybe not on the lines that By Odin’s Beard Crafts are, but it is good to see another company join the charge to adventure and explore carrier oil blends instead of playing it safe.

The oil was fast absorbing and didn’t leave any residue on my beard, it provided a soft, light and smooth feel of my beard preventing itchiness and beardruff for a good 8 hours of my day a cracking formula and another job well done from Brian who never seems to disappoint on the beard care front.

Sweet Sweet Morose

Morose is a sweet, sad beauty of a scent :

  1. Raspberry
  2. Mango
  3. Cherry

From the bottle the mango is very strong and overpowering but with a slow controlled breath in through you can surprisingly smell the raspberry hiding underneath the juices of the mango ready to burst beyond its exotic suppressor. I say surprisingly because cherry is normally very strong, but I can not smell it or at least from the bottle, however when rubbed into the hands before applied to the beard the cherry pops ;). After being applied into the beard, the mango and raspberry juices dance in tidals crashing into each other before settling and sinking below the deep cherry that rises above, creating a succulent and fresh lingering scent.

This scent lasted for 4 hours in my beard and was one of the most pleasant and refreshing scents I have ever reviewed, it was definitely a fun new fruity and sweet twist for a strange scent profile. If you are looking for that fruity and sweet scent to give you an uplift throughout the day, I highly recommend Morose. In case you are wondering ” aw fuck I hope he doesn’t mean it is so sweet it knocks me sick ” no not at all that is not the case in fact it is like taking the first sip of the fresh orange juice from the fridge on a hot summer’s day, you gulp that bitch down until you stop for air.


With the upgraded carrier oil formula and this brand-new scent which is a uniquely fruity and sweet mix for £12.99 for 30ml you are looking at a genuine bargain, plus if you click here you will receive a discount on your order, so what the fuck are you waiting for ? Get smelling like a bad ass fruity tooty mother fucker. And whilst you are clicking external links for that matter you might as well have the link for the hobohead website, if I can take anything bad from this I would like to say I miss my apricot kernel oil but knowing Brian he might add it back in just for me haha

Stay safe, Stay bearded, Stay Fire




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