Welcome back my fellow flames of the bearded world and hello to you all, hope you are okay, keeping safe, keeping fire, keeping bearded and also this time keeping beard manners. This time we dive into the succulent and sweet pool of Beard Manners Summer Daze beard butter with lemongrass, lime, honey and black pepper it is a very entoxicating aroma that had me curling my upper lip to my nostrils for extra sniff strength. But lets hold it all there for second, because if you haven’t already then please head on ever to my last review and give it a read The Lust for Asmodeus

Firebeard reviews is steam rolling since its return and its new website lauch and I am not letting my foot off the gas, well after this review I have one more unscheduled special review coming which I am super pumped for but all in good time. After the special review I will be taking a month or two break to enjoy waking up in the morning and having the luxury of being able to chose what I want instead of what I need to wear, it is a sort of refresh. Us reviewers can feel pressure from doing these reviews sometimes it can certainly get on top of you and I think that is why most or some of us burn out without outside factors coming in to play.

ENOUGH! Where are my manners ?

Beard Manners

The last review I did for Jason was back in 2021 and was also a butter review check it out right here

After this review Jason told me he likes to read reviews out loud to his wife and kids so I am going to keep this one PG friendly but I might do a little Rated 18 Instagram description for the adults of the house to enjoy. Jason is the gold standard of business men, with a successful business already under his belt he launched beard manners and it has saved his life, when tragedy struck, the beard, the power of the beard and the power of fellow bearded folks helped him overcome tragedy. We can all handle the bad times together there is no need for us all to suffer alone, Jason is an advocate of mental health and I think he would agree with me when I say he is always around to help, as am I and the bearded community. We might come off as scary but we are big friendly giants in the end.

Beard Manners is flying to the top of the UK market right now with incredible scents, products, merch (I mean Brazilian slate coasters who would of thought of it haha) and sales are rocketing for someone who has been on the UK beard care market for just over a year I think (and don’t quote me) he is over 1500 sales and that is online. His ads are everywhere and so are his ambassadors some of these well mannered hunky bearded bastards ( sorry kids ) are going out there under their own free will and getting the beard manners logo as a tattoo, how crazy is that ? You can argue whether that is a brilliant company well run by an amazing owner who looks after his people or another cult like the american brand that shall not be named ( if you know you know ) * shitstruggle cough cough * ( sorry again kids ). My personal opinion ? If ambassadors are going out there off their own backs using money out of their own pockets to pay for a beard care companies logo to be tattooed on their body but am sorry that is just total devotion and dedication to an outstanding brand and incredible owner. These people like Jason may relate to beardmanners and Jason himself on a deeper level, a sentinmental meaning where the brand has changed their lives for the better and I thoroughly believe that is more than enough reason to go out there and get that tattoo, so well done brothers and well done Jason… The God Father of the Bearded Community.

Enough about this iron curling, whiskey sipping, cigar smoking, viking muddertucker ( kid friendly ) lets dip in to this pool!

Manners Maketh the Website

So here we are again the brand new chapter of my reviews where we talk about the website.

When you enter the page for the website the pop up box the newsletter subscription is kind of dull but once that is gone the colours of the actual site are warming a sort of medium grey colour almost like stone is the main background, with white text and gold headlines and buttons that have a white trim around them, you have entered the gentlemens lounge take a seat, pick your poison and relax. With the main page giving you all options at the top of the screen, all products, merch, clothing, grooming tools, delivery policy, your shopping basket, a journal page and a subscriptions page, the site also lets you use clear pay giving you the option to pay with installments over a certain amount of time. Even though I am not a fan of this sort of thing like klarna as well for example it is the modern way and easier to buy things nowadays rather than in one massive sum. The home page itself contains everything you need to navigate the site, the further you scroll the more you discover, including the about us section you are warmly invited in to the manners lounge and politely encouraged to purchase any product suitable for every style of beard and every class of man. There is no reward scheme from what I could see and now sort of ambassadors portal but with his growing popularity and ever growing product range, maybe it is on the cards for the future? A section of the website where loyal customers/ ambassadors can chat ? The virtual manners lounge.

The Sweet Buttery Pool of Summer love

Get comfy I am about to rock your world, dim the lights, put on the music, kick back and let me take you on this journey across a galaxy of warm, soft and smooth poured butter, the emulsification is instaneous as your hands themselves are the sweet summer of 69. This extremely soft poured beautiful butter runs through your beard like another sweet, smooth substance does but I can’t get into that (PG friendly). Here are the butters and oils that make up this sensual galaxy of beard butter.

  1. Almond Sweet 
  2. Argan
  3. Avocado Virgin
  4. Castor
  5. GrapeSeed
  6. Jojoba Golden

I have explained so many times about carrier oils and their benefits and I feel like I am repeating myself by explaining again, If you want to learn more please feel free to go back to my previous reviews they are explained there. I have not explained the benefits about the butters though so lets dive in right now.

  1. Avocado butter – The antioxidant and anti inflammatory agents found in avocado butter works at soothing skin irritations, acne and dry skin. It’s healing properties help to restore the skin cells and has been found effective when applied to skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
  2. Cocoa butter – is used to hydrate the skin, improve blood flow and can protect from UV rays. It reduces hair breakage and helps condition your beard.
  3. Mango butter – can sooth irritated skin it can add shine to your hair and moisturise it. It also portects from UV rays. Emollience of the butter seals and protects the strand, ideal for hair growth.
  4. Shea butter – is a natural beard softener, stimulates hair growth and has anti ageing properties. Fights against beardruff and incudes vitamins A and E. These vitamins are proven to give skin nutrients for collagen production.

This powerful pool of sweet cosmic buttery powers proves itself to be a galactic power house proving on my chilled out days to give me a dreamy conditioned beard for past 10 hours. However when I am working my beard is dry from the dirt and sweat I do from a manual labouring job in the warehouse this is after the 6 hour mark but environmental factors can play on any beard care product. I wonder if beardmanners could create a formula for the hard grafting man in the dirty and dusty warehouse lifting heavy boxes whilst crawling in to the tight spaces of metal containers. Which by the way are no joke, 40 degree heat my boss registered the temperature as during that heat wave last week even with the fan on too. Of course that amount of dripping sweat doesn’t help the product longevity in regards to feel and scent. As you can read though the carrier blend of this butter is insane and the formula Jason uses is universal in its quality.

Sweet Summer Daze BUH BUH BUH!

If I told you to take the red pill where you would wake up in a lemon, lime, honey and black pepper pool of seductiveness or the blue pill where you would not wake up in this pool. You’d probably take the shitty blue pill (sorry kids) but you would massively be mistaken and piss me off so much I might actually grow a real beard made of fire ( hades from hercules reference there for the kids, see … PG rated). This deep, rich, passionate pool of lemongrass, lime, honey and black pepper essential oils just has you swirling around in ecstasy and it doesn’t want to stop at all, the lemongrass and lime holds up supreme with the honey just politely drizzling over them both. With the black pepper at the bottom giving it a little kick which is like a slight breeze hitting you on a warm summers day, it is needed but not a constant you want which is why it works perfectly.

The scent lasts for 4-7 hours depending on what I am doing obviously the lower end is when I am working and the higher end when I am chilled out captivated by this scent. It has been a real pleasure wearing this truly beautiful scent to the point where I even wore it as a night time butter but do not get me started on their manners after 8 scent this would definitely turn into a double review, a Judge Dredd double whammy, a 2 for the price of 1 review hahaha! This summer daze scent has brought peace, freedom, justice and security to my beard and I will do what I must, which is buy this scent in all forms of Jasons products, oils, wash, butters and balms. There are so many scents out there in the market but you only truly meet a perfect stunning scent now and again and this is definitely one of them, the last one was from Vikingsmane with their firepit scent.


for £16.99 at 60ml sizes you are looking at the high dive of the pool, what do I mean by this ? you simply have to try this it is a bargan a done deal in my opinion. With how strong and succulent the scent is combined with the carrier blend Jason has created sweet perfection, it is no wonder why sales are sky rocketing, popularity is booming and bearded brothers are inking up the logo on themselves. I definitely need to purchase all the scents from his collection because every scent I try, cherry spiced, rum old fashioned, summer daze and manners after 8, they all just make my eyes roll into the back of my head like a drug going up my nose lifting me off my feet into euphoria. ” John are you just saying this because you have a code with him and you make profit from it?” …. shut the fuck up, NO! I am not I ask all owners to take any profit from codes that go to me off if they can. I think the only code I make any profit from is from The Bearded Elite. I do this for the passion, the community, the uk market, my enthusiasm of a hobby I love doing. And if you want me to pick a negative about anything at all with the company it would have to be the website only because I think the colours could do with some sprucing up a bit. But yet again that says nothing about the product, so what are you guys sat here for ?

Here is the website for beardmanners

Stay safe, Stay bearded, Stay Fire

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