The Bearded Viking Has Come Ashore

The Bearded Viking Has Come Ashore


Sound the horns and form a shield wall The Bearded Viking is here to pillage the bearded community with his beard products at the ready. It must of been a scary sight to see Vikings come ashore at Lindisfarne over 1000 years ago and now Lewis has rowed ashore into the UK beard care market not knowing if he will find gold or find nothing at all. 

But when I came across his Instagram business page I thought it was my duty as a Norse Pagan to stand with the Norse culture and help bring his product into the light. So lets begin the battle and strike our way through this review.

Your Jarl.

The Bearded Viking are a brand new company, the owner Lewis started making his own beard products a couple of years ago. This came about because he found many products on the market left him with a rash and itchy skin. After experimenting with ingredients and trying his formula for himself he found the results to be the best he could hope for and went ahead in letting his bearded friends sample his product and the feedback he got from his mates claim it was the best that they had used.

 The same friends then convinced him to sell them, getting to work he knew straight away that the theme of his products would be Viking themed, as Lewis has a love for all things Viking. In the future Lewis hopes to create soaps and shampoos as well as new scents for his oils, butters and waxes he highly recommends his butters as he believes they are his signature product saying “the quality of our butters really stand out”. 

The butters in our community are on fire at the moment with many claiming to be the king of all butters so I am intrigued to see what The Bearded Vikings butters would bring to the market. I am thinking of throwing Lewis and his butters to the wolves of Odin ( The Bearded Brit and Docks Bearded Reviews ) for the experts to pass judgement. But I also want to come back to The Bearded Viking and try them myself haha.


The bottle of the product is a brown see through glass bottle with one long stick on label that wraps around 95% of the bottles surface. The applicator of the oil is a pipette but this pipette is different from any other product I’ve used so far and yes I checked the shelf in my beard office to make sure. 

The pump at the top that sucks in the oil is not smooth like 99% of the other pipettes on other products, this one is textured for grip and it actually works. To me this is a nice little detail because Vikings would add additional grip to the handle of their weapons for extra control. If this was unintentional then it is funny how things work out!

Lets check out the label, this is where my constructive criticism comes in for Lewis but also where I applaud him on it too. The design is a fully bearded skull wearing a Viking helmet, the entire logo and writing of The Bearded Viking is black on a white shield background with the rest of the label that wraps around being black. 

Even though it looks generic it actually stands out against other Viking themed products as you can see from the photo above. The label information is almost perfection so close to taking the crown off Alfred the great it tells you everything but the batch number, you have product size which is 30ml, product scent, ingredients in Latin and English, warning info, allergy info, storage info, directions for application, contact info and company address. 

Some companies don’t like advertising where they live as most small batch beard companies cook from home but it is a legal requirement. It is also recyclable and even gives an expiration date.

The Gold.

Lets take stock of our riches and drink to the gods as we think about this oil in more detail, this oil is a pale yellow colour and a light – medium viscosity, it absorbs quickly into the beard leaving very little residue on the surface of the beard. It contains sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and apricot kernel oil which are all specifically chosen to keep your beard hydrated for as long as possible. 

It has passionfruit and mango fragrance oils too. There was a long lasting feeling of softness and smoothness in the beard and was hydrated for a long time I was personally getting 8-10 hours of good beard feel out of this product and was impressed with it.

The scent as stated above is passion fruit and mango and OH MY ODIN does this crack you up the nostrils like a thunderbolt from Thor. When you first open the bottle you are hit very powerfully by the passionfruit, when applied to the beard the passion fruit scent sticks with you I found it hard to recognise the mango scent for a day or two and then the mango flowed through like a sexy after taste. 

On day 5 the mango scent finally took over the passionfruit but it was a perfect mix, I think the passion fruit was so strong personally to me because I had never smelt it before in a beard product. This scent lasted around 8-10 hours with my Mrs saying she could still smell it up close and personal long after and liked how the oil made my beard feel.

Sail further to distant lands.

You guys know I always love to suggest what an owner can do next or what they could do to improve so this is the section where I challenge the Jarl or owner with my thoughts on their products and company. It may seem cheeky but as a fellow Viking I’m guessing Lewis can take a few slashes of the axe, I would like to see an extra carrier oil in the formula not because it needs it but because I believe in challenging yourself to improve and do better. 

I definitely want to see a splash of colour introduced into the logo just to make it pop a bit more against other products. The Bearded Viking has just come ashore and I am certain he is here to stay but to establish a dynasty you need allies to help you keep your presence in the lands you invade. Ragnar Lodbrok probably the most famous Viking had some help and his names rings out through the centuries.

The battles ended.

In conclusion The Bearded Viking passionfruit and mango scent beard oil is a good product but there is places for improvement not necessarily within the oil. The oil held its own against many contenders I’ve taken on in the past and Lewis as a new comer should be proud of his product it does everything an oil is suppose to and for £9.99 it is definitely worth the raid.

Stay Safe, Stay Fire!

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