Hello to my bearded flames and welcome back to the site, I hope you enjoyed my last review on this brand-new site, if you didn’t catch my last review I urge you to go check it out and leave a comment here. The past couple of weeks I have been coming up with new ideas for the website and deciding what products I could possibly review in the future, my personal life has been great apart from breaking my fucking phone yet again because I am a dickhead but fuck it, let’s move on haha after today’s review I will be moving on to Beard Manners Summer Daze beard butter. In this review today I will be introducing a new topic of review, the brand website where I will discuss appearance, navigation, bonuses, rewards, offers and information.


The Bearded Elite and their Asmodeus Scent

The bearded elite is a suitable name that is owned by a veteran with two tours under his belt ( I apologize if I got that bit wrong ) our armed services take a regular man and make him elite in everything he does, they also do it for women too. but fuck getting politically correct, I’m here to talk about Steve and his brand. Steve wanted to bring you the most elite beard care products on the market, and he is off to a terrific start. Door kicking his way into the UK market with his own hand made products from South Wales where he lives with his wife and 3 daughters, a military man should be used to being outnumbered and up against overwhelming odds, but Steve is absolutely fucked even their cat is a female.

Unlike many beard care brands in today’s market, I don’t just outsource our products to a mass producer and get them to slap a label on it. The products are hand made by your truly using all the best ingredients in the market to offer you a unique, premium beard care product.

My main focus will be to always offer the best level of customer service and make sure your feedback is taken on board and i continue to offer the best products possible.I have loads of ideas and plenty to add to the collection in the very near future. I will always continue to grow this brand where possible to keep things exciting and always offer more.

Today we are reviewing the asmodeus scent in all of its fucked glory, I mean, have you researched the asmodeus mythology ? it’s messed up believe me even down to the pictation of it its got more heads than a spotty teenager!!

The stench of this fucked up demon consists of

  • Turmeric
  • Patchouli
  • Cedarwood
  • Vetiver
  • Rosewood

More on this further in to this review, but for now let’s talk about bottle appearance and the packaging it came in.

Now I forgot the outer packaging but if memory serves it was one of those thick sort of metallic envelopes that are black on the outside and has the inbuilt bubble wrap. Then you pulled a further packaging out which I had never seen before, and it was a plastic black envelope with a see through window that shown the product. I had never seen this before and thought it was an excellent touch and well thought of, you can tell Ste was military he has thought of every detail ” piss poor preparation leads to piss poor performance” the military drill that in to you, and it has stuck with Steve even in this business.

The bottle is a matte black design that is non see through with a thick grip pipette applicator which has a ball end to it instead of a spout, and I will be honest with you this early on into the review. That is my only complaint, and I feel it is my job to find something to complain about when I do these reviews. I prefer pipettes with a narrow spout instead of the bauble at the end. The label has a black background with a red trim at the top and bottom, this colour however changes with the different scents. The logo is white that is a bearded skull sporting a very smooth and long looking beard and wears a beret on its head. There is text that reads THE BEARDED ELITE ….. EST 2020 …… beard care for the modern man.

The label details keep up with the CPSR label regulations except for one detail which is the batch number, I looked and looked and couldn’t find one, so I RTB’d back to the review. With being a member of the UK Beard Portal, Steve and The Bearded Elite have their CPSR for all their products and scents, making it one of the best and safest products to use on the UK beard care market.

In Elite Sites

Introducing the new category where I talk to you all about the brands’ website, giving you my honest feedback of it. I will cover a number of topics here, so let’s go!

The appearance of the website is easy on the eyes and doesn’t scream at your face with a white text dancing on a black background with army green splashed here and there it is a pleasant appearance of a website. Not only is the appearance somewhat nurturing to the sense of sight, but the navigation of the site itself is easy to comprehend. It gives you 6 main tabs to chose from, but the homepage is represented neatly too, so when you scroll down you don’t feel like you have to take it section by section. The website also offers newcomers discounts by presenting you with the opportunity to spin a wheel to win a prize like 20% discount on your first ever order, enticing really since they have a salted caramel scent and I really want that fucking bad boy haha! They also have a reward base system in regard to points you earn when you buy things, not bad really, it is definitely incentive to return. For a 5 carrier oil mix you are looking at £12.95 which is not bad considering the Argan oil within the mix. There was a tab for merch, but when I clicked on it and there was nothing on that page, which tells me that Steve has plans for upcoming merch or has taken it off the site for modifications.

Asmodeus Mega Pint

This monster oozes a pale yellow medium viscosity that sinks deep into the skin, leaving the beard feeling like a satisfying pink mist sniper shot from a mile away or zeroing in your coordinates for an artillery target barrage and hitting the mission objective first time, it all makes you pull a face like this

The carrier oils in the formula are as follows:

  1. Jojoba oil-Actually a liquid form of wax esters it helps against sebum oil, it also contains a complex of vitamin B and E.
  2. Argan oil-Reduces inflammation with its omega 6 and 9 fatty acids helping moisturize the hair and is a non-greasy oil due to its light weight  and helps regulate sebum levels.
  3. Sweet almond oil– It is a lightweight oil which helps it sink into the skin quicker and also helps with beard growth due to its high levels of magnesium, biotin and vitamin E. It also helps with beardruff and strengthens hair.
  4. Avocado oil-Treats the skin preventing beardruff and is a natural sterolin reducing age spots containing vitamins A, D and E. It also pumps up collagen production giving your beard a fuller and healthier appearance, it improves hair structure with its lecithin nutrient due to its moisturizing qualities.
  5. Castor oil-This contains omega 6&9 fatty acids, vitamins B, C and E, ricinoleic acid, zinc and iron. It conditions hair and has a natural cleansing agent that helps protect against inflammation, reduces beardruff and helps restore circulation to the skin.

The length of this monster’s grasp on your beard was around the 8-10 hour mark depending on what I had done in my day-to-day life, a relentless grip on your beard from Asmodeus.

Asmodeus stench

I really had a lot of fun with this scent as a couple of the essential oils I had little to non experience with these were the turmeric and the rosewood scents which you wouldn’t think go well together, but they do slot in together very nicely like a bullet to the leader of ISIS. When the turmeric’s strong presence dies down, the rosewood takes over and in the background the cedarwood and vetiver kind of roll over each other gently, but they are there. It is a strong scent to begin with, and the turmeric really does travel up that nasal passage, but after the 4-hour mark I couldn’t notice it on my own, but the Mrs did detect hints of it an hour or so later. Where would I wear this scent ? probably out for a meal, day to day life and a day of doing house chores but if you asked me where would I wear the carrier oil blend, probably every day haha!


Steve has thought greatly about every aspect of his company, every detail has been thought out and planned, and he is no slouch to bringing you the elite beard care for the modern man. The Bearded Elite have made such a lasting impression on me over the course of the past 15 days of wearing this scent. so much, so I want an ambassadorship with them because the product is such a winner on the UK market, you would stupid to miss out on it. And a little because I want to see inside that ambassador portal tab on their website hahaha! The carrier oil blend does its beard kicking job to the military standards, but I am wondering if Steve is thinking about a new formula ? I’d like to see a rare carrier oil introduced in to the blend as the UK market grows more daring, we all need to evolve past safeties and limitations.

Would I come back to the bearded elite ? without a doubt they have released a salted caramel scent haha but not only that I just love everything about this company and I know a collaboration between TBE and Beard manners would be awesome, releasing a limited edition scent called “Elite Manners” with profits going towards a charity close to the hearts of the owners would be an awesome idea.

Check out The Bearded Elite website and order your Asmodeus and more.

Stay Safe, Stay Fire, Stay Bearded

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