Welcome back to another firebeard review, before we jump into the good stuff, I would just like to say sorry for the lack of posting and content coming out lately. My family and I have been hit with illness on top of illness, and I have had to take time off work to look after my partner and the kids. Thankfully it is not Strep A if anyone is currently worried about Strep A click this link here for more information. I have been waiting for Wild hare UK parcel to arrive, so I could start doing my review process for their product but instead because of the Royal Mail strikes I have waited for over 3 weeks, so I’ve moved up the Beard and bones UK review instead to get out review content for you guys. If you missed my last review and wondering where can you find it, the last review was a video review on YouTube, the first of many to come check it out here. I think after the the beard and bones review guys that will do it for the last review of 2022, and I will wait until the new year to commence new reviews. Next on the lists to do are Wild hare UK and The bald Viking beard company, after that guys I think I will take a few months break from reviews, not quite sure yet on that decision. I’m thinking of taking a break from reviews to do a few blogs or at least doing video reviews, but like I say, it is all in the thinking stage. But any way, let us venture on!!

Thirty1 Oils

“We are a small local beard care company based in North Ayrshire.

If you are reading this you are probably wondering why we decided to get involved in the minefield that is beard care products

Well, to answer that simply – To provide quality products to those who want an alternative or simply cannot afford some of the higher end brands. We certainly do not want those of you who cannot afford higher end brands neglecting your beards or worse, buying cheap, nasty, chemical filled garbage from supermarket shelves!

We at Thirty1 Oils believe that everyone should be entitled to high quality, premium beard care products. Not just those who can afford the higher end brands.

So, we have stripped down on over excessive packaging, marketing etc to allow us to bring you quality products a very affordable prices.

We are not here to be anyones only brand, a brand leader. We are here to be an alternative, providing you with high quality beard care products and service every single step of the way.

One of the main reasons we got involved is because we love being in control of what goes into our product. We also wanted to bring something new to the game – Making every single beard oil in a singular batch. This allows us even greater quality control over our product. If we aren’t happy with a single product it won’t leave our lab!”


The website is completely easy and simple to navigate with a simplistic styled layout and colour theme, these trends tend to be the normal for many beard companies now which is great because they let the thumbnails and descriptions do the talking. Drop down tabs let you navigate different products and company info. At this moment in time the website has limited stock because of the Christmas period everything must go with a big restocking happening in the new year, prices are slashed, and discount codes are temporarily disabled because of the price slash. That is pretty much it for the website, you can’t dive into any more detail than that.

Bottle Design

This product is a codesigned product for barbers called Stag head Barbers, so the bottle is a brown seen through glass bottle with a gold label with the stag head barbers logo as the centre logo and the thirty1oils logo smaller. The bottle has a white squeezer top with a gold rim and is a pipette with a bulbous tip. The bottle comes within a beige and brown horizontal striped cardboard box which has all the label information as required by CPSR unfortunately though the stuff that Muir sent me out did not have his updated labels, and it was missing the batch number. But Muir did send me copies of their labels and a copy of the CPSR proving to me the normal standards the company uphold, but due to personal reasons everything was in a bit of a chaotic dance at the time.

The Thirty1 Oil

The oil of this product is a very pale yellow colour and a light viscosity, containing the following carrier oils:

  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Aloe Vera Oil
  • Vitamin E Oil

This is a very good oil combo, and it did a massively amazing job at nourishing my skin and beard it was such a treat using this oil the feel of it was lasting 10-12 hours long, giving me a silky, soft and smooth beard to touch with very little residue on the beard hair. I think this is the first time I am using a beard product with Aloe Vera carrier oil in, and it has been a brilliant experience, giving my beard a sort of vibrant feeling and look to it.

Stag head Oil Scent

Now the scent was made with the partner who are called TheStagBarbershop

This scent was a beautiful but basic scent in my opinion and similar combinations can be found in other companies scent rage, happily though the scent longevity was lasting 6 hours even in work and with environmental factors.

  • Patchouli
  • Bergamot
  • Lime

The Bergamot and Lime play with each other tugging on each other’s sweet nectars dancing in a whirlpool of seductive pleasantries making you curl up that upper lip to your nostrils giving it a deep and strong whiff sort of like your mum with Yankee candles opening that summer’s kiss scent in the middle of Aldi trying to ram the jar through your face for a smell hahaha.


This is a fantastic product with an incredibly well thought out carrier oil blend giving your beard one of the best nutritional factors in the UK beard care market which is also available at a great price too and right at this moment prices are slashed down ready for the Christmas clear out. With a 12-hour beard feel longevity and a 6-hour scent longevity, the price is an absolute bargain. I didn’t really know about Thirty1 oils as a company but now that I do I feel like I’ve discovered a gold mine in all honesty I’ve also tried Muir’s’ CBD night serum which was my first try of a CBD product the results after one night were positive and promising, and I will do a review on that further along in time. Adding on to that, I also tried their beard butter which was also a positive experience and the scent was a gorgeous rum scent too.

If I could recommend to Muir anything, I’d like to see him bring out a Tash wax. But who knows what he has in store in the future and on that note …..

Stay Safe, Stay Bearded and Stay Fire!

New labels

CPSR 1st page

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